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When is it time to leave???

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

How will you know when its time to leave that relationship, job, friendship, situation????

Fed up of the same old, tired of being treated poorly, undervalued, disrespected, overlooked?

All of these reasons (and then some) are often the reasons that spell out the end....end of marriages jobs etc.

But when we're in that stage of thinking or feeling like it's time to leave- there's often something else we overlook.

How do we REALLY know that leaving is the right decision?

ALL of the above reasons aren't reasons to leave, they're reasons we give ourselves to escape! To run away! Because we feel like we've had enough!

People never leave jobs or other people just for the sake of it, its always for a reason. Often because they're unhappy.

I've left many a relationship, friendship and job and I know I'm not alone.

Feeling happy, is an inside job so if you feel unhappy in the situation there's a need to do something BEFORE just leaving. Get happy first!

Show love! Show love to self! Be honest about your reason and take ownership.

What do I mean?

Let's say you're in a job you hate... you've decided to leave and you're figuring out of its the right thing or not.

For all of the time that follows you'll be finding reasons why the job, the people, the meetings (and nearly everything) is making you feel some type of way.

You'll be placing blame on the situation, the managers or whatever. This creates a toxic mess because you don't want to be there so everything over time becomes wrong with it.

The same happens in relationships!

So eventually you leave, you start a new job, relationship etc over again and then at some point something happens that brings that old familiar feeling back ....its travelled with you. Its a pattern that's like a shadow...where you go, it goes!

Until!!!!.... until you get to a place of making your peace. Make peace with the situation BEFORE you leave! Remember everything that was good about it, remember the opportunities, good times etc and acknowledge that now, things have changed.

Acknowledge that you're no longer served by it, its no longer for you etc.

You're staying will make you unhappy and its time to move on ....with love for you!!

Because you deserve or want more than you can gain by staying (especially if there is negativity or abuse etc) and so it may have had 'some' goodness or good times, at this time you're staying will not be good for you.

This way, without a rush to escape, to breakfast, to run away, you have acknowledged that staying wouldn't be good if its an escape, but rather that you staying wouldn't be good (and the reason).

It means if you want or need to explain your reason you can do so without placing blame or with any negativity and can welcome the new, while letting go of the old.

Loving yourself or valuing yourself enough to know that its time to move on.

It also means that if there is something that can be fixed, repaired or salvaged rather than leaving, you've had the opportunity to decide that too.

You'll know then whether it's time to leave- because it feels like you have more to gain away from that- than staying and can begin something else without that baggage. Do it with calm, with clarity, with confidence!

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