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I'm Coach Sam - Award Winning Parenting Coach & Consultant

(that's me with my youngest in the picture) 

I've worked with thousands of families to help parents feel more calm & confident, improve understanding behaviours and communication- AND  able to put the fun back into their  parenting.

I've specialised in working with parents for just over 20 years and I'm a parent myself - I have kids aged 23, 10, 9, 7 and 21 months.

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To make courses available to all who need them we have affordable payment plan options.


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Working From Home




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Babies in Playroom


Group Therapy



MBT Reflective Consultations

For Practitioners running Mentalized Based Treatments in Reflective Fostering or Reflective Parenting.


60-90 Minute sessions of Support to help you with any specific parenting issue.

You will have the options to:

  • Complete a Mini Course

  • Receive Resources

  • Gain Parenting Support

  • Get Sign-Posted to Services

£75 Per Session

90 Minute Webinar

Respond · Engage · Relax · Play · Talk

Using these 5 Key Building Block areas we explore and discuss baby-brain development and attachment, how to apply these 5 key areas to  give your child the best start in life with "attachment" - the amazing fundamental bond between you and your child- that makes them thrive!!

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

13 Week - Family Programme (Parents AND Children)  11-14yrs

This Intensive Programme hold separate Sessions for Parents and Sessions for Children before bringing both together for a joint session.

Young people who participate in the programme are significantly less likely to have problems with alcohol, substance use, truancy, cheating, peer resistance and conduct problems.

Research has shown that young people who have undertaken the programme have increased school attendance and attainment


13 Week Intensive Group Programme

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) is a parenting programme designed to support you to raise happy and successful children by getting access to information and strategies for bringing up your children, meeting other parents, and making sure your voice is heard.

Access to SFSC is available as a 13 week face to programme, which is delivered in a group setting. The SFSC programme is also accredited through the Open College Network. This means that you can gain credits for taking part in the programme, which you can use when you apply for a job or if you want to go back into education.

£349pp (Incl. Manual & Refreshments)

Flexible Online Programme to Suit You

You can do Triple P anywhere, anytime—24/7 with the online programs. Triple P Online is for parents of toddlers to tweens (under 12 years), and Teen Triple P Online is for parents of pre-teens and teenagers (10-16 years).


(2-5 Sessions)  Specialist Parenting Support

If your a parent who really struggles to maintain their own emotions, anger issues, stress and anxiety affecting your parenting? Then This 2-5 session course can help.

During your sessions you will discover:

The Parenting Traps and understanding the Impact of your specific parenting style for your children.

Coping with and Managing Anger

*Must complete a Triple P Teen Course Prior

£75 Per session

Triple P Teen - Group Course  (6 Weeks)

Lets face it, teenagers often bring  challenges for families and equally -   teenagers are facing huge amounts of of pressure too.

This course will give you some useful ideas to help you meet the challenges of raising teenagers with a firm foundation to guide them into becoming well-adjusted young adults.

As a group you will share experiences and have open frank discussion, while gaining really key information and tips to feel more confident in your parenting.

£235 incl. Manual, Resources & Postage

Triple P Teen - Primary Care (4 -6 Sessions)

If you're struggling with specific behaviours from your child(ren)  then Primary Care Triple P can help.

This is a very short and private way for parents to get Triple P support.

Approximately 4 sessions for you (and your partner, if you wish).


  •  discuss what might be causing your child to behave this way

  • work out the changes you would like to see in your child’s behaviour.

  • ​work to change these behaviours.

We will have open discussions, and you will have access to resources including clips that show other parents dealing with similar problems with their children , Tip Sheets which remind you of the things you have discussed. 

From £395.00 Online / £465 in Person

Incl. Manual, Certificates, Postage, Resources and Letters (Proof of Course Letters for Parents in Proceedings).

Specialist Parenting Course

When children have anxiety, it impacts the whole family. It can be incredibly hard for parents to know what to say and how to help. And, without support, children’s anxiety often escalates or becomes entrenched.

It’s normal for parents to feel frustrated, worried or distressed when children are struggling – but there are parenting strategies you can learn that will make a real difference to your child’s anxiety.

This specialised Triple P® Fear-Less parenting course has been specifically developed to help parents cope with the challenges of parenting a child with anxiety. It will help you understand what causes anxiety and take you step-by-step through concrete strategies you can use to help reduce your child’s anxiety.

  • Know what to do when your child is anxious or upset.

  • Help your child develop a toolkit of coping skills to overcome anxiety.

  • Break the cycle of anxiety and avoidance.

Introductory Offer!!!

Group Sessions from £119 Book now for November Course 

Private Sessions from £497

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Jessie Brown

Samantha was a blessing.  My daughters were just a nightmare.

We worked with Sam for a few weeks and our girls are just so different now.

A couple of friends recommended her and I was so glad they did!

Sam, as always - thank you so very much x

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