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Train-the-Trainers Courses:

Empowering Professionals for Impactful Family Support

Specialist in providing comprehensive Train-the-Trainers Courses for professionals working within the voluntary, public health, and social care sectors. Our courses are crafted to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a meaningful impact in their roles.


Why Choose Our Train-the-Trainers Courses?


Tailored Expertise: Our courses cover a wide range of areas within family support, ensuring that professionals receive targeted and relevant training for their specific roles.


Proven Impact: Backed by years of experience in Local Authorities, our courses have demonstrated significant improvements in staff performance and client outcomes.


Flexible Learning: We understand the demands of your profession. That's why our courses are designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule, providing a flexible and accessible learning experience.

Course Highlights:

Family-Centred Approaches:

  • Explore strategies for building positive relationships with families.

  • Learn effective communication techniques for collaborative support.

Trauma-Informed Care:

  • Understand the impact of trauma on families.

  • Gain tools to provide trauma-informed support.

Crisis Intervention and Prevention:

  • Develop skills to identify and address crises within families.

  • Learn preventive strategies for long-term stability.

Family At Church

Find out More: Explore Our Range of Courses

Dive into our comprehensive catalogue to discover the full spectrum of courses available. From core competencies to specialized areas, we have the resources to enhance your skills and make a lasting impact in your field.


Ready to Empower Your Team?

Invest in the professional development of your staff with Samantha Abraham Train-the-Trainers Courses. Join a community of dedicated professionals committed to making a positive difference in the lives of families.


Specialist Parenting Consultancy:

Reaching Every Family, Transforming Lives

My partners and I specialize in delivering expert guidance and support tailored for hard-to-reach families. With over 20 years of experience in Local Authorities, our consultancy services are designed to break down barriers, empower parents, and foster positive family dynamics.


Why Choose Our Specialist Parenting Consultancy?


Inclusive Approach: We understand the diverse needs and challenges faced by hard-to-reach families. Our consultancy embraces an inclusive approach, ensuring that every family member feels seen, heard, and supported.


Culturally Competent Solutions: Our team is equipped to navigate cultural nuances, offering culturally competent solutions that resonate with diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Practical Strategies: Our consultancy goes beyond theoretical frameworks, providing practical, actionable strategies that bring about real change within families.

Consultancy Focus Areas:

Engaging Hard-to-Reach Families:

  • Tailored strategies to build trust and rapport.

  • Inclusive approaches for families from diverse backgrounds.

Parenting Support and Education:

  • Empowering parents with effective parenting strategies.

  • Customized support to address specific challenges.

Collaboration with Community Resources:

  • Establishing partnerships for ongoing support.

  • Connecting families with relevant community resources.


Ready to Transform Family  Dynamics?

If you are working with hard-to-reach families and seeking transformative solutions, Our Consultancy is here for you. Let's collaborate to create positive changes within families that last a lifetime.

University of Sussex Coaching Programme

Personalised Coaching Sessions:

  • Tailored coaching sessions to address your unique needs.

  • Goal-setting and action plans for tangible results.


Strengths-Based Approach:

  • Discover and leverage your strengths for optimal performance.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your unique capabilities.


Building Resilience:

  • Equip yourself with tools to navigate challenges with resilience.

  • Foster a mindset of continuous growth and adaptation.

Join a Community of Achievers:

Experience the transformative impact of coaching inspired by the University of Sussex Coaching Programme. Join a community of individuals dedicated to unlocking their full potential and building lives they love.

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