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Daring to Dream ... About '22!


I feel a little emotional as I type this as this year was not in any way what I would have expected - personally or professionally.

In fact it has all gone a bit too quickly - some might say not fast enough - but I cant say that this year.

That said, what springs to mind is the saying "time waits for no man" it sure as heck didn't wait for this woman!

This year I started like many others - feeling uncertain- mostly because I spent the previous year home-schooling 3 littles ones- having just given birth no baby no.5 and nothing went to the plan I had - so why would this year?

Then I realised something had happened!

The truth (as some of you will know) old clever clogs here had quit her 9-5 after being there for some 13+ years - and having signed on the dotted line to say "I'm outta here!" - i found out no.5 was on her way and for a short while panic set in!

My original plan was to put everything into getting my business up and running that year - and I did - but also it was coming to a halt for Maternity Leave right?

WRONG!!! Mat Leave was LOCKDOWN - a new-born who luckily slept most of the 9am-2pm that I home-schooled 3 kids.... and within weeks - work came looking for me!

Countless people asking me to work with them - because lockdown had made them realise (now that they had all this extra thinking

time) that their life wasn't exactly heading where they wanted it to.....

Frankly at that time - neither was mine so who was I to help them?

Well a few too many of these calls and a very well behaved 6 month old baby later - I started working with a few for free to keep my skills up and do my bit. After watching so many pass and having not to long before that bury my brother - a reality kicked in!

This wasn't about me and me doubting myself - this was about total strangers reaching out to a stranger with the belief that they could be helped by me! The reason they even know I existed was because I put something out there that they resonated with- and that was the point! I had said I could help - so I should just get on with what I know and stop making it about anything else!

So I did! for the next year until my kids went back to school. Then I threw myself into my business and before I knew it - it took off!

If you told me this time last year I would have worked with CEO's and Celebrities and helped over 200 people and their families with stress, anxiety or parenting - I probably would have given you a few choice words, a look and my back as I walked away!

Imagine - countless people having quit jobs, starting businesses, a family, finishing Master Degrees, Buying Properties, Taking up Space and being completely and utterly unapologetically themselves and confident... and me being part of that?? - No way I would have believed it possible on that scale! A few - yes- but not what I have actually encountered this year! Imagine a University emails me the day I go on leave to coach students for a Pilot? Me? - Nope! wouldn't believe you!- not with a 1 year old in tow and everything else going on!

Now!!! .... Well I laugh! - I laugh and realise I made excuses for what I thought I couldn't do with a little one - long before I had really even tried!

Now I realise that things have a way of doing what they need to with what is available - as long as we're actually available to MAKE it Happen!

Now I have a flagship programme called just that (Make it Happen TM) because that it exactly what I did- without really doing anything else than planning (really planning) my next step!

There is nothing like a life changing event (in my case losing loved ones and or giving birth to a human being that I am responsible for) to make you shift focus.

But actually- that aside..... if I have goals that I would like to accomplish before it becomes my time to leave this earth, then I can not continue to push them to the back burner.

The question I am raising is: What is in store for you in 2022?

Everyone in my industry is busying themselves encouraging people with words such as

"learn to set short term and long term goals. Make the time realistic"

The truth it - the moment you start of with realistic goals - you may as well quit- They aren't challenging exciting or fun!!! Its seeing yourself set amazing out of this world goals and dreaming big that gets the juices flowing.....

Better still when you REALLY break them down into tiny do-able chunks and actually see yourself doing the impossible!!! That to me is what it's really about - really living and enjoying the pay offs of the things you've made happen!

Now I'm not saying it's easy - but I'm definitely saying - to feel that level of freedom and confidence- is pricelessly worth it!

Just don't go another year without be purposeful with your actions.

Make each step count..... be the author of your own story and become all that you never dreamed of.

I'll sign off here - but if you feel ready to do the impossible....

Get in Touch!!!

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