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What is the real PROBLEM?!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Ever wondered why we have problems?

In fact, ever wondered what problem even means?

We most commonly think of this definition,

."a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. "they have financial problems"

But its root meaning 'Probleme' (thanks to our old French friends) meaning to 'put forth, or before i.e. to place ahead of yourself.

Let's think about that a moment... something occurs and you put it in front of yourself???

Starting to click?

In essence a problem is something YOU place ahead of YOU and then not only does it become a barrier, it requires solving.

It's like a brick wall that you've placed there and then thought it wise to keep pushing against!

In order for you to move forward to get past this 'problem' .... you decide to either push past it, turn and leave it, or walk away from it.

Leaving it or walking away leaves it unresolved, nagging or having beaten you. With enough of these problems, you will box yourself in, never see a way out and develop depression.

So you might go back and give it another push...maybe even shove or kick it (enough of these kinds of problems with shoving and kicking will give you anger or anxiety issues).

But!! ....And here's the key bit!!!!


You've created Resistance against this wall and yourself because this brick wall can't move! YOU placed it there and now its a problem.....


YOU stop pushing, step back and look at this problem (brick wall).

Firstly, You'll stop pushing against it.

Now there's no resistance!

Less energy being put in

You're calm.

Then you step back and look at it, really noticing it's detail from a distance.

Then you discover:

  • It's only as tall as you

  • It has a doorway in it 6m to the left

  • 6m to the right there's a footbridge over it

  • You stumble as you've stood back, looked down to discover a sledge hammer.

All of the time you were facing the wall, pushing against it all you could see was the small area close up to your face.... but not the bigger picture.

The moment you stopped pushing, it was less of a problem.

Then, stepping back from it provided you with a bunch of options, some easier than others, some more fun or strenuous than others AND some valuable information!

And there is the solution!

A problem isn't a problem unless YOU put it in front of you!

Otherwise its a situation! I know you can deal with those!

It took a few situations to get you here!

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Sam Abraham
Sam Abraham

Love that energy!! 💯🙌🏾 and to think its only Monday!!! You're in for a great week!


Tamzin Morris
Tamzin Morris

Love this! I’m in control of what I allow to take control over me. 👏🏽

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