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The Least Suprising, But Most Undervalued Reason People Don't Become Successful.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Most of us can remember at some point that there's something we want to do or to achieve.

Babies from the moment they can crawl - act on this powerful instinct.

(Parents can relate to this- if you'renot a parent, YOU were this baby).... picture the scene...

Baby's sat minding their own business, then suddenly and without warning they stop, and pause!!!!

Staring at this thing that's caught their eye - like a panther about to pounce, a brief slow motion quiet lean towards this thing!!!

A second passes and the glint passes over their face! Poised and ready with mischief and instinct all happening at once.... nappy to the wind and their off scuffling about with fierce determination THEY'RE GONE!! .. EXPLORING!

And CUT to adult!!!

The adult comes along with the "NO" of doom!

Pulling out all of the distractions, boring and very 'serious' frowning of disapproval and "thats naughty" etc and the battle of wills commences.

That crap stays with us!

We are by nature explorative creatures!

After hearing "No! ....That's dangerous"

Or the endless list that goes something like...

  • Its too high

  • It will burn you

  • He/she isnt nice

  • Don't do that what will people think?

  • That's bad manners

  • Don't say that

  • Don't do that

Blah blah blah

We hear it time and time again over and over until we not only believe it- we live it.

As if that wasn't enough, our parents pass the baton to our teachers, managers, (roll eyes here) and they keep that narrative going!!


Who is really actually REALLY loving living in this comfort zone of nothingness?

The urge to explore is tied to our very being!! It what drives us! Its what gives us our happiness.

Happiness is the fundamental key to thinking of ourselves as the wonderful beings that we are, the feeling that

  • I want to!

  • I can!

  • I will!

"I have nothing to weigh me down"



What comes with that feeling is a solid focus on where you're headed.

Like a compass directing at all times "this way" - when in fact there's no right or wrong way just a determination to go, explore and figure it out on the way!

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