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Triple P Courses

Triple P is a multi-level intervention programme and parents can be offered group sessions or individual one-on-one interventions.

Triple P courses will help to:

  • Encourage your child’s development.

  • Manage your children’s behaviour in a useful and caring way.

  • Recognise causes of common child behaviour problems.

  • Encourage desirable behaviour in your children.

  • Increase your self-confidence.

  • Build positive relationships with your child.

  • Set rules and give instructions your children will follow.

  • Build upon your skills and techniques for dealing with difficult behaviour.

  • Praise and encourage behaviour you like.

Couple with Kids

Primary Care: Level 3

4-6 Individual Sessions:

For parents who are struggling with specific behaviours. This is a short private way for you to gain Triple P support:

Mother and Child

Triple P Baby

Individual or Group Sessions

From the last trimester to baby's first year this course has some general AND specifically tailored areas just for you and your baby -covering such topics as:

  • Positive Nurturing Baby Development & Relationship

  • Crying and Sleep

  • Taking Care of Emotional & Mental Health

  • Relationships with Loved ones & enjoying life as a Parent!


Standard Triple P/ Standard Teen Triple P:

Suitable for parents who need intensive individual counselling and parenting support

0-12 / Teen Triple P Group

6 Group Sessions & Individual Telephone Support This course will give you some useful ideas to help you meet the challenges of raising teenagers with a firm foundation to guide them into becoming well-adjusted young adults.

Specialist Courses and Workshops


Fear Less Triple P

For Children struggling with anxiety.

6 Weeks


Triple P Pathways

For parents at risk of child maltreatment. Covers anger management and other behavioural strategies to improve a parent's abilities to cope with raising children.


Triple P Transitions

For Separated Parents


Parenting Apart Programme:

For effective co-parenting where conflict may occur or is already an issue - causing communication breakdown / stress et.


Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities

12 week course


The Space Programme

Emotional Wellbeing Course for 

Parents and Care Givers

6 Weeks


5 to Thrive




For Seperated parents


The Freedom Programme

Domestic violence prevention program. Aimed primarily at women who have experienced domestic abuse. Designed to help participants understand the dynamics of abusive relationships, identify signs of abuse, and empower them to make informed choices about their lives.

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