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Sometimes we just dont want to deal...

Ever just wake up with that feeling like -

" I just want to stay in bed?", " I dont want to do anything, go anywhere?".

Almost aches you just to think about getting up and moving, and its not because it was leg day at the gym or because of one of those (amazing) wild nights out....

Just because - you're body and brain feel tired?

We're always busying ourselves into oblivion

The chores, the kids, the admin,the project,the bills blah blah blah

Its funny, we never get that feeling like " I must book that holiday, I must book a week off, I must lay in bed all day" in exactly the same tone- the urgency seems to lack for down days -

Down time never nags us in the same annoying "do me now" tone as work and tasks do.

Worse, we're never as productive as when there's a fast approaching deadline OR when we have had a break and have recharged. Yet most of us will be reacting to the deadline, not booking the break right? How many times have you booked a break because you're nearing exhaustion rather than as a regular habit. Not to take time of to do something, but to do NOTHING?

Take some time today, to create a difference in that nagging feeling...

Take a down day.

Create a plan for more down days!

Watch, as you become more refreshed and productive too.

Forget the days of walking into a room wondering what you went in there for,

or staring at the screen and forgetting what you were about do do (before you started scrolling).

Embrace more days of focus when focus is needed, and restful downtime...

because - you're worth it!

Be Still!

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