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Minimalism vs Mayhem

First and Foremost my friend.... Happy New Year!!!

With all things Covid, were not exactly in a hugely different space than we left last year, but I invite you to do something different this year ....and frankly all of the 'New Year's ' that follow.

New Year generally sees many people making plans towards a new approach to one thing or other.

New goals, a new diary, new vision boards and podcasts, gym joining and all sorts....

However the Happiest AND Most Successful people in the world don't wait until the new year they develop habits at any given time to improve ....and get updates, upgrades and uplevel!!


Because growth is upwards!! Light, Easy, Mobile, Freeing, Easier.... like a flower the beautiful part happens at the top.... its the start and the roots that hold all the hard work. Nourishing m, twisting, bending, sucking up all of the goodness that then grows into this beautiful thing!

Personal and professional growth is no different. Like the flower's root it takes germination, determination and takes a certain acceptance of its role in order for real development.

The acceptance that progress comes at the rate of the efforts put in.

No effort = no results = no progress = no achievement!

The happiest people walking the Earth are those living an exceptionally simple life.

Living on the land, off the land - within communities where they share, there are little to no mod cons, no money, and they provide themselves with everything they needs from their surroundings.

Now I'm not suggesting for a minute that you pack up and go and live in treetops in the sticks.... just stick with me and keep reading...I'm going somewhere with this.

These people are happy because their lives are simple! They aren't keeping up with the Jones' worrying about bills, brands, beauty, buying a house, car etc.... they have very little and enjoy each other and their surroundings.

The you consume whether food, things or information of any kind the more miserable you become because at some point their us a sense of too much or too little.

Too little food you're hungry, skinny, ill etc too much and you're too big, too heavy and ill....worse case scenario a food or eating disorder.

Too many things takes up too much space, overindulgence and wanting more, the newest, latest and best.....and without you develop a sense of not having, not keeping up or loss.

Too little information makes you feel lost, missing out, not in the know, not intelligent, not well educated, mistreating and too much but leads too exhaustion.

All of which... makes you a consumer AND miserable, slow, least effective, tired, ill, cluttered, stuck, unmotivated, anxious, depressed, aggressive, burnt out.

You act out all of these feelings AND worse everything and everyone around you respond to these in kind!

What is the difference?

Those happy people with seemingly nothing are not consuming!! They are always busy producing!!

Producing homes, fishing or hunting for food, making streams, washing cleaning, teaching, tending to animals for food, clothes- all the time doing and producing a product at the end of their efforts.

These people by comparison are; energetic, not sick, have very little and are nearly always -producing NOT consuming.

As for the very most successful people, not only do they not hoard possessions that aren't part of their work, they have very little AND develop repeatable systems....purely for the purpose of being 'Most Effective'.

Typically they:

Wake early

Wear a simple set of clothes often similar or the same everyday with exceptions for purpose I.e. sport wear for excerise, suits for formal occasions. This system takes no time to have to think about (I.e. coordinating etc).

Excerise Daily in a routine that they follow weekly (most successful have a trainer too who keeps that pattern and alternates it for better results).

They start work and do the same types of work at set times I.e. calls/updates then admin then project work.

Eating well and healthy at set times.

Knowing when to stop working (because at some point you become less productive)

Making a list of unfinished tasks so they become the next day's to-do-list.

Reading a non-fictional book a week.

Investing not spending money

Have a spending budget

Creating experiences and memories in down time with holidays and trying new things.

Now this list goes on... but these systems are in place so that they work smarter and not harder in their job or business.

They use their time with a focus on producing best outcomes when they are most productive AND only then.

By doing this, there is less time spent thinking, wondering and guessing, more time knowing and doing!

Least Effort = Best Results = More Progress = High Achievement

The best of the best make note by way of making a note on the time spent each day on each tasks and the order etc so they can measure and repeat rhe patterns of the best days mire frequently.They can also repeat their happier, most productive, most creative days and pick how to have shorter work days with these systems.

Why is this relevant?

Because like most, you've (at least subconsciously) made a plan for this year, but having read this you now know something key to your success!

  • What do you need?

  • What you need to get rid of?

  • What systems do you need to develop, test and repeat in order to be successful?

Who, What, Where, When and, How?

For example, who do you need, need to get rid of? Need to develop in your team/family/ support circle?

Where do you need to do it? Where do you need to stop going?

You've got the idea!

Your lack of progress can be tracked to these simple questions!

So with that in mind, for your year to be different, better and 'new' apply these new tactics.... and make this New Year your Best New Year!

Minimal! Or Mayhem... you choose!

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