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Samantha Abraham

​​My name is Samantha and I am an award-winning passionate and professionally accredited Coach who supports a wide variety of individuals, companies, students and leaders to find the balance through Clarity, Confidence and Calm.
Bringing the sense of freedom and direction, needed to thrive (not just survive!) within your careers and their personal life.
I’ve certainly encountered my own fair share of professional and personal successes and challenges so I begun learning how to enjoy riding the waves that come with both!
My professional life to date has been varied and its because of this and my life transitions  and experiences that I am able to empathically and deeply understand my clients. 
I’ve danced and performed within The Royal Opera House, been a PA and administrator to an Exec while covering 700+ property sites and staff, studied Human Sciences  and worked within the Public Sector coordinating services in partnership with the Voluntary and Private Sectors.
As a result of these experiences I guess you could say I have experienced what most people experience; the challenges of finding career and personal life fulfilment, having to make life and career changes, experiencing cut-throat competition, challenging my comfort and confidence zones, applying for promotions, and learning to create and take my own opportunities, juggling both my career and personal life.
I've learned to stop comparing myself and people pleasing, and I've created my own healthy work life balance as well as finding ways that enable me to face my fears confidently.
Following my passion to support people to fulfil their own full potential - I retrained as a Psychotherapist and became  Transformational and Leadership Coach and Complementary Therapist  to help men and women who have areas of their life that they feel are holding them back.

As a woman of colour I've faced many a challenge and had moments when I have felt like I wasn't good enough, doubted myself or just felt like I was shrinking under pressure or having a lot of self doubt...  But that was then!!
Today, I bring the years of experiences, qualifications and knowledge into my practice to help you gain the confidence to "Build a Life You'll Love".

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